What Is Calisthenics?


The word Calisthenics comes from the Greek words 'kallos' meaning beauty and 'thenos' meaning strength. The objective of Calisthenics is achieving these physical attributes, along with the emotional and social development to build self confidence through friendship, and teamwork.  


Calisthenics involves a team of participants learning physical routines, choreographed to music, and presenting these routines on stage at competitions and concerts. Pupils learn between four and seven routines concurrently throughout the year.


Calisthenics can be categorised as both a sport and an art; encouraging physical development, coordination, self-discipline team spirit, while also developing appreciation of music and rhythm, the beauty of correct technique and the pleasure of performing.


There are different levels of Calisthenics; some clubs are non-competitive, performing only at concerts and other non competitive events. Other clubs compete at events throughout the year. 

In addition to team competitions, participants can chose to compete in solo and duo items.


Paramount Calisthenics College is a competition club; fielding teams across all age ranges.