Student General Information


Class Attendance

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential in any team sport and is expected at Paramount for all age groups. If an exceptional circumstance arises coaches must be promptly notified of inability to attend or late arrival.

It should be noted that classes continue during school holidays unless otherwise advised.

Coaches may also schedule additional classes classes as necessary; particularly in the lead-up to competitions.


Class Attire

There is a dress-code covering pupils in all age groups, defining the correct attire be worn during all sessions. It is as follows:

Black Leotard

Black of Flesh-coloured footless/stirrup tights

Black crossover top (for the winter months)

A Practice-Skirt

These items can be purchased at BigW, Kmart, Target, and dance shops.


In addition Hair to be tied back of the face no, or Minimal Jewellery.

For safety reasons baggy and loose clothing is not permitted!


Energy and Hydration

Students must bring fruit or a veggie snack for maintenance of energy, and a bottle of water for maintenance of hydration.


Equipment Needs:

A set of clubs and a rod. The coaches will advise you about these items.

Students must bring clubs and rod to all classes and competitions!


Team Selection

Calisthenics being a team sport, requires the active participation of all team-members for the success of the the team and it's members. Every individual in the team brings different skills and attributes that are combined through planning and coaching to deliver the team performance

The skills and experience of the coaches go into the selection of the teams, and they are always available to assist aspiring team-members and existing team members to improve their skills and performance. Should anyone have questions about team selection issues they are best addressed to the coaches.



Paramount Calisthenics College was formed as a competitive entity, and will progressively work toward entering teams from all age groups in 3 to 5 competitions per season. All student are expected to compete during the season as part of their team commitment.



Costumes are required for competitions and the end of year concert. Some costumes are taken from our stock of costumes and only require simple trim modifications; while other costumes will require design (usually by coaches) and making by mothers. Assistance and advice is provided for those who are able to do their own sewing, and dressmakers are available for those who prefer to take that path.